Our Marketing Strategy​

The Complete Marketing Method


Real estate entrepreneurs are evaluated by the quality of the service they provide to their clients. We set our main goal to comply with all your needs and desires by operating as your executive branch. The Complete Marketing Method handles all aspects and stages of purchasing a property with simultaneous thoroughness.


The process of acquiring a property is far more complicated than just making an offer and signing a deal. With great respect for the fact that we are dealing with one of the most significant purchases one makes during his life and for the amount of capital involved, we at Dahan Group strictly follow the complete method in order to ensure every aspect of the deal is dealt with the utmost professional approach.



Elements of the Complete Marketing Method


  • Comprehensive Market Analysis- A thorough study of the market status of the focal project in relation to its surrounding. This is done by comparing data with rival projects in both near and remote relevant locations, while considering different external factors with potential influence.


  • Analyzing potential target audiences- Achieving high familiarity with a desired location and its surrounding requires complete and up to date knowledge of its many components. Among many other factors we pay close attention to the type of population, the local lifestyle and conduct, educational and cultural institutions, and the general standard of living. Only by doing so diligently we are able to analyze and assess shifting tendencies in the real estate market as they occur, and offer our different clients attractive short-lasting deals.


  • Architectural Involvement- Involving our own experts in the details of the deal allows us room for creative solutions that further meet the needs of the client, such as maximal exploitance of area and more influence on the structural planning.


  • Separation from Competing Projects- Selecting the project that stands out in front of the others and marketing it as such is a vital focus of our strategy in order to maximize profits.


  • Smart Pricing- Providing the investor with a variety of options when it comes to deciding the budget and payment options is key in assisting towards a wise decision-making process, and many times requires thinking ‘out of the box’.


  • Managing the Selling of the Property- During the marketing period an efficient and calculated sell rate is determined according to the market fluctuation of the specific project. At times the selling process is being implemented in stages over time in order to maximize revenue, while at other times it follows a predetermined time limit for the same purpose.


  • Legal Assistance- Our Group has a wide understanding of the legal aspects of real estate deals and we are involved in the legal process by accompanying our clients through the contractual stages and interactions with lawyers.


  • Accompanying our Clients After the Deal is complete- We extend our service to the days beyond the purchase so we can be of assistance in dealing with issues that might arise following the completion of the deal.



A professional and effective service is beneficial both to the client and his desires and to the value of the project by branding it in a positive manner. We take pride in our uncompromising services. Our professional conduct stands behind our ability to maximize our potential in the real estate market as we continue to increase our base of satisfied clients who keeping returning to us bringing along their associates.



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