Marketing to Jewish Communities Abroad

Marketing to Jewish Communities Abroad


The recent rise of antisemitism around the world directly influences the real estate market in Israel as a result of the growing number of Jews who seek a relocation there. The wave of Jewish emigration to Israel provides a target audience of its own separate nature that demands a close understanding of its characteristics in order for successful business to take place.


We at Dahan Group gained significant experience working with the Jewish communities over the years, especially with the French ones, and developed long lasting ties that yielded many opportunities. Our ability to communicate fluently in English, French and Hebrew is an essential factor behind the warm and profiting relations we established.



‘Aliyah’ to Israel


According to the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration about 27,000 newcomers emigrated to Israel during 2016, most of them arriving from Russia, France, USA, and Ukraine, while minor countries such as Brazil, Britain, South Africa, and Canada are also seeing rising numbers over the last decade. The highest demanded living locations of that group are Tel Aviv (11%), Jerusalem (10%), Netanya (9%), Haifa (8%), Ashdod (6%), Bat Yam (5%), Raanana (4%), Rishon LeTsion (3%), Beer Sheva (3%), and Ashkelon (3%).



Marketing Properties from Israel at Real Estate Exhibitions Around the World


Over the last years, in European countries as well as in North America, we have seen a growing interest among Jewish communities in purchasing properties in Israel. Real estate exhibitions taking place at the location of those communities that appeal to the right audiences have proven successful. Along with that, other well designed marketing campaigns are showing positive results at reaching more potential investors among these communities.


Working with such clients demands patience, dedication, and a higher degree of effort. Due to the client being oversees, it is crucial to maintain constant communications for long periods of time before his arrival to Israel to observe the project in his own eyes and finalize the deal.



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