About Dahan Group


Roi Dahan, the CEO of the group, has rich experience in successfully marketing many apartments from a variety of high-end projects throughout Israel, as well as in organizing attractive sales and marketing events appealing for experienced and inexperienced investors. Behind Dahan Group stands a decade of practice marketing luxury apartments among local and international clientele, most of which are from Canada, France, Belgium, England, and the United States.


The company specializes in marketing residential projects, specifically in the rising field of urban renewal programs, as well as in retail real estate property projects. Based on our verified and growing experience and expertise, we provide our customers with professional marketing services in the real estate market in Israel and elsewhere.


Roi’s accomplishments and diverse experience in the real estate market are expressed in a personal and professional relationship with the clients and a meticulous attention to all the different considerations of the deal. His deep passion for this field, deriving from the thrill and satisfaction he enjoys out of planning and executing a project effectively, sets up the atmosphere for a productive mutual journey.



Our Assets


  • Widespread Networking Activity in Israel and Abroad - Throughout the years we managed to develop viable and trustworthy relations with business partners around the world. Our commitment to our associates, many of whom are members of Jewish communities, is an essential element of our values and our business strategy.


  • International Communication - We work with clients and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world fluently in three different languages- English, Hebrew, and French.


  • Optimizing the Marketing Strategies to the Needs of Each Client - Our Group specializes in locating the property that meets the necessities of the client, and in planning the vision and the goals of the deal accordingly.


  • Advanced Methods of Marketing and Distribution - We market our projects utilizing the leading media platforms out there, while keeping track of the constant technological innovations.


  • Profound Acquaintance with the Israeli Market - Our lengthy experience marketing numerous apartment projects allows us to identify the needs of the Israeli target audience and meet them in the best manner to achieve a successful outcome.


Our Values


  • Transparency and Credibility - Professional integrity and clarity are the foundation stones of how we associate with all of our affiliates and partners. We expect to conduct an open and healthy relationship with our clients based in a mutual goal.


  • Attentiveness and Kindness- What makes our work environment pleasant and exciting is that everyone involved feels respected and rewarded. We are committed to maintaining warm relations based in good nature with all our associates: clients, employees, project managers, and different service providers.


  • Availability and Professionalism - Attention to the small details, creativity during planning and while embracing challenges, responsible management, and the vast experience we accumulated, all qualify us as experts in marketing different types of real estate projects to a wide array of clientele. We deal with housing, retail, and luxury apartment projects in Israel and in different countries in Europe.


  • Commitment to Achieving Objectives - We are devoted to reaching the designated goals of our clients and achieving maximal revenue for their investment.




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